What the fuck is this? what can I expect? (Is it gonna bite me?)

What am I going to publish here, and why you should read it.

Hello to anyone reading this!
Through a combination of luck and algorithmic magic (praise be the algorithm!) you have ended up in my trashfire! Now, there is nothing to worry about regarding physical safety: there is not literally a trashfire here. This is just a blog I have set up so that I may dump some of my writings into. I have three main reasons for doing so:
-exposure. I’ve been told that the single best way to improve any creative skill is to let others see and critique it; so, I encourage anyone to post feedback to any of my writings. As per the front page presentation, I still reserve the right to curate comments when I think you’re being a shit-gibon.
-Archiving. I write a lot. Like, a lot a lot. This leaves me with legions of notebooks/word documents/google docs filled with disorganized ramblings which will never see the light of day. I therefore wanted to set up a place where I could finally collect those writings I personally like, but which I would never think good enough to send to a publisher.
-Incentive. I have severe ADHD; this often means I start writing stuff and junk, then never finish said stuff and junk. Setting up this here space means I can pressure myself into writing coherently just a tad more often.
So, without further delay, here’s the type of stuff you can expect from me:

-Media criticism. This will probably be the bulk of what I do here. I am a graduate student in English, so most of my days are spent critiquing media in one way or another. Whenever I write such a piece that is (1) too short to be an article/essay, (2) not rigorous enough, and/or (3) outside my personal expertise, I will post it here. Who knows, I might also post some of my serious-person-adult research articles.

-Short Fiction. I enjoy writing short fiction, and will share some on here. I don’t expect I’ll post anything over a page or two, definitely nothing over ten, but I’ll share whatever I think people might find funny/revolting/sad/[emotional].

-Poetry. Yup, poems. I’ll try to keep the flowery, middle-school poetry to myself, and just post the angry or sarcastic type, because I am a Very Serious Adult-Person.

-Opinions/news criticism. As they say, opinions are like assholes: everyone has one, and they all stink. But I will still be exposing mine (ambiguous phrasing is beautiful, isn’t it?). I will try to keep the politics (mostly) tame, and sensitive topics will be marked as such; I do not, however, think it possible (nor pertinent) to keep these things off my blog. Because politics and news media have such a huge impact on everyday life, I think it’s important to think critically and publicly about both of them. I might also dissect pieces of news media, on a more formal level (headlines, what is said/ommitted, etc.). As part of my undergraduate degree, I minored in journalism and still care deeply about the medium, and sharing criticism is my personnal contribution.
Now, while I do consider that differing opinions are a good thing, there are a few fundamental things where disagreement is impossible; that is, areas where disagreement simply means (to me) that you are a bad person, period. Here they are:
-Human rights. No one should be discriminated against on the basis of gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, nationality, ability or age. Full stop. If you harbor any kind of -phobia (islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia), then (1) you will never convince me and (2) you probably will not enjoy anything I have to say.
-Basic scientific facts. Gravity is a thing, the earth is round, gender is fluid, climate change is real. All of these are established scientific facts, and if you argue against them, you might not be a bad person, but you’re definitely an idiot.
Might add to the list if I remember something, but that’s pretty much it for now.
Anything else is open to discussion/disagreement.

Hope you enjoy your time in the trashfire!
-Angsty Possum

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