Some Thoughts on rAndom Topics

(And a poem)

-When I was a kid, I got in a fight- you know, as much of a fight as ten year-olds can get into. So basically, a pushing contest that ended when the first punch was thrown (not by me). Following that, I got two wildly different pieces of advice. First, someone told me “never start a fight, but be damn sure you finish it.” And, honestly, whenever I see anything about war on the news, someone’s bound to say some variation of that sentiment. For example, you’ll have a horrific, heavily-mediatized attack on a “first-world nation” (France, Canada, Uk, USA, etc.), and some pundit or talking head’ll say we need to punish the perpetrators, their families, their home country, their favourite vegetable, ad vitaem eternaem, as revenge for the crime that’s been committed. Now, the second piece of advice I got was “forget about the scoreboard.” And I think that this has helped me deal with conflict much better.

-Doing or liking something “ironically” prevents you from really enjoying it. Maybe you like dancing, or writing, or singing, or listenning to Carly Rae Jepsen; whatever it is, take your “guilty pleasure” and enjoy it as much as you want. Life’s too short not to. Plus, if I don’t tell myself that, I can’t be a condescending prick online. And that’s my one and only skill.

-Here’s a curveball for you: I’m a gun-loving leftist. Nothing more than that.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is the best book series for children, miles better than Harry Potter. Fight me. (Don’t, really- I’m as useful as a crusty sock in a fight.)


And here’s the poem, like warned:

The Columbus method
I am sorry
I got lost
On my way to the store
Then broke into your home
Skinned your cat
Burned your couch
Stole your cash
Took your kids
Raped your wife
And stomped you
But You see
I wanted jewels
And did put up some new drapes.

P.S. The capital A in random was intentionnal

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