Sons of Brewers

Whew, this blog’s really just becoming my dumping ground for political opinions, eh? Well, no matter, I got uninformed opinions about politics out the ass, so here’s some more shit.

When I was in the 2nd grade, I got my first history class- that changed my life! To imagine that, before me, before my mom and dad, there was thousands of years of people doing stuff! Wild! Studying the chain of events that led to today, that became a passion of mine. Like, did you know the first societies to settle down did so to brew beer? I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s my headcanon for human civilisation. Everything that’s happened since (the Greeks, Rome, the shogunate, crimea, the holocaust) all happened because some homo sapiens wanted to get wasted. I like that thought; makes me all fuzzy inside. Recently, though, my interest in history turned from “where do we come from?” to “where are we going?” and let me tell ya, I do not like that question. Because, take a second.

Where are we going?

Where do we want to go?

Because, as far as I can tell from the world, we seem to have gotten mixed-up somewhere. We begin as hunter-gatherers somewhere in Africa. Bear with me; we, as humans, decided to settle down. Cool, so far. Our goal: get wasted, and make sure everyone’s fed. Good, good. At some point, we realize there’s not enough resources for everyone; we became selective and tribalist- fair enough, still in antiquity here. Now, from what I know about Rome, they had what we could roughly call “wellfare.” Good, making sure food gets to the hungry. Then the middle-ages, famine and shit, and feudalism. One guy holds a bunch of people as serfs in exchange for protection; bad, but understandable still. Fast forward a bit, industrial revolution; produce ten times more with half the people. So, following our earlier “make sure everybody eats” goal as humans, shouldn’t that have been liberating? Because it seems we forgot that along the way. Wasn’t the whole fucking point of this human… thing… to make sure everybody could eat? Have shelter? Where did we go wrong?

Currently, there’s two empty homes for every homeless person.

We produce food enough for ten billion people.

Shops literally destroy inventory cause they can’t sell it. Not enough people to afford it.

Do you get my point?

Because, as far as I’m concerned, the point of life should be, I dunno, make sure the next generation is better off, and the one after also is, and so on.

But whatever, I’m just some douche on the internet. What the fuck do I know, eh?

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