The Pecking Order

Or, hack journalism at its finest Last week, an article came out in the New York Post with the headline: “NYC medic helped ‘make ends meet’ with racy OnlyFans side gig.” This was, in short, a chickenshit puritan’s mid-life sexual frustrations being condensed into a half-baked hit-piece on an essential worker struggling to make endsContinue reading “The Pecking Order”

Foreign Relations

Geopolitics done right These rooms used to imply some smokescreens, literally and figuratively; the smoking bans had shed the material layer, leaving only the euphemistic smoke around. Now, this here was quite a multicultural affair, only noticeable through hats, though: turbans, flat caps, a fez or two. Since UN resolution #42069, summits like this hadContinue reading “Foreign Relations”

An Overdue Revue of a June Protest

Or, where I pinpoint my geographical location for all to see, and out my sympathies for BLM, wrecking any pretense of unbiased journalism Walking out the metro, you already feel the high-voltage around the park; witches and queers and pinkos in a massive swell of cooped-up impotent rage. The long arm of the law hasContinue reading “An Overdue Revue of a June Protest”

Ruling Post-Apocalypse: The House can’t always win

Or, the pitfalls of capitalist technocracy                 Ever since its release, I’ve had a lot of discussions with friends about Fallout: New Vegas; the most interesting point of contention in these discussions lies, of course, in everyone’s differing preferences regarding the game’s resolution. Each one of us brought to the table our personal choices, andContinue reading “Ruling Post-Apocalypse: The House can’t always win”

Apocalypse on the brain

Or, coping with impending doom through fictional impending doom Today, I’m dropping politics for a hot minute, and I’m crawling back to my wheelhouse: literature. Specifically, I want to share some observations and personnal favourites from two overlapping genres: Post-apocalyptic and Dystopian fiction. For the blessed few that have never encountered those genres: PA refersContinue reading “Apocalypse on the brain”

Harry Potter Politics vs Sportsball politics

Where the score’s made up, everybody’s friends after the game, and millions of people die So, back from an extended hiatus, cause I’ve been busy, (read: lazy) and I decided to jump straight back into spicy takes. As you might glean from the intro to this blog, I dabble in politics a bit. Okay, aContinue reading “Harry Potter Politics vs Sportsball politics”

Ruling Post-Apocalypse: Caesar’s Legion

Not Caesar, Mussolini                 Among the more powerful factions of the Mojave Wasteland, Caesar’s legion is easily the one that stands out most. Named, organized and equipped in the spirit of the historical Roman Empire, the legion presents itself as an antidote to the chaos of life in post-apocalyptic America. Their military is rigidly organised,Continue reading “Ruling Post-Apocalypse: Caesar’s Legion”

Ruling post-apocalypse: A series on Fallout: New Vegas

Where I have fun with politics and videogames As a spot of practice, and a bit of entertainment, I’ve decided to start a short series on politics within Fallout: New Vegas. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout: New Vegas is the 7th game produced in the Fallout series. It is consideredContinue reading “Ruling post-apocalypse: A series on Fallout: New Vegas”